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Despite my insanely over-inflated ego, I do have various strategies I often employ during airsoft play. I’ll try to keep much of that ego to myself during this post.

So… Here is my chess-game tip post. They aren’t really much for directions, but just some simple ideas or frames of mind to keep up with while playing our favorite BB sport.

Classing: Controlling the Field.

Over my years of playing airsoft, I have grown into categorizing various airsofters into 3 classes. Should I be in some sort of leadership type role, you will often see me eyeing up the gear before game start. Or you may even hear me mentioning chess. This is how scenarios are won. Playing Chess.

The Assault type.

These are your guys you will always see on magazine covers, because these fellas are always right in the middle of the first “Taka Taka Taka!!!” noises you hear at the very beginning of the games. These fellas are also your controllers of an Airsoft Scenario. The more Assault type (alive) on your team, the more you control the field’s “Events.” You will control how fast things happen, you will control how slow things happen. These guys are normally larger fellows in size/equipment.

The Flankers.

Small, quick, experienced, and often extremely light equipped. More often than none-young. Probably more considered your special teams in terms of football. They are useful for causing disruption against your enemy targets, and at times acquire useful information/mission objectives. Keep in mind once found, they will die quickly because the firepower just isn’t there, like the assault class. But, they do provide distraction enough for your main force to gain an upper hand.

The FNGs.

These fellas come in all shapes and sizes. I use the term FNG very loosely, because I kinda like humor sometimes. These fellas have not been playing too long, and are still trying to figure out their play style. Your either assault type, or a flanker. Equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, as many are still learning. But the brilliance in having FNGs on your team is for un-predictability. They will be your wildcards on the team. They may not be brilliant, and not shoot when shooting is needed. But every so often, you have just enough Pawns becoming Knights of their own accord to pull something off just in the nic of time to save the day for your main force.

So? How does this mind-frame apply? The brilliance is we are airsofters, and more often than none: we have all become friends. We know the enemy before they set foot on the field. We know what equipment they have, and what the other team is capable of.

So…evaluate the players inside your mind. Green vs. Red team. Green team has a ratio of A50%/F30%/N20%. Red has a ratio of A30%/F30%/N40%. Red will be fighting a team with more firepower, and green team probably knows this. A good fighting strat would be Send wildcards to the front with instructions to draw enemy in, while A/F’s mop up pending scenario.

“I’m fighting a team with mostly Assault fellas. Hmm, not a lot of new guys on their team. The assault fellas will be likely to take out the wildcards. But if I can gather a stealthy enough force together, we could sever their lines and spread the assaulters out thin. Maybe one or two stealthy fellas might gain the objective. Or at least find a good spot to camp, and observe movement to report.”

At OPs, it is a little more difficult to identify the FNGs. So, drop down to just evaluating the flankers and assault types. Try to judge how fast the game will move due to the assaulters, and try to figure out just what orders will be given to their small amount of flanking force.

About The Author

Airsoft Enthusiast and Writer

Daniel has been a long time local communityand national milsim/airsoft player player since late 2004. He has filled roles and positions in the sport from your humble scout, to action packed EOD, and excels at infiltration. Off the field Daniel is a friendly face, and always willing to help out.

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