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Back In the Day

Back In the Day

It’s been 2 years since I’ve been anything resembling relevance in the Airsoft world.  Its the same old story most of you have heard, met a girl, got busy, had a baby, got married, pay for college, etc.  Nothing new.  But I’ve been involved in this sport for a long time, the itch never really leaves.  It just gets more intense over time.

I like this blog series I’ve created a goal for myself, and its kind of nice because it starts off from the very beginning of things.  The current lay of the land, current equipment on hand, and what it really takes to get to that goal: be the 1337 sniper guy on the field sporting 1shot1kill badass from your choice of video game.

Lets take Airsoft inventory, since I’m starting very fresh here.  It’s been 2 years Afterall.

  • Faithful Crye JPC.  This will certainly come in handy.  Still has all of its premium pouches, and camelback.
  • Opscore Helmet.  All the fixens still attached.  May need new eye pro.
    • Sweet, still got a working camera here.  This means videos in a few posts.
  • Busted SVD, oldschool.  Shout out to Steaditex.  Probably wont see the field, but I like to keep this around for nostalgia.
  • Maxed out old school echo AK.  Longer gun too.  Needs a suppressor though to hide the inner barrel.  Was taken for previous project several years ago.
  • Various Shredded/Torn/illfitting/faded camo fatigues.
  • Solid LBX Tactical Backpack.

Medically, and physical shape always takes an effect on an airsoft player, and very much so on a player filling in for the scout/sniper role on the field.  So lets evaluate this here too:

  • Trigger hand is having issues.  Thats being nice.  I was drunk a week ago(end of sept ’16) and fell INTO the shower.  Hurt my hand in the process.  Can’t make a strong fist at the moment.  Racking a bolt on a upgraded sniper rifle right now is a bit tough.  Hopefully I don’t need x-rays.  Giving this another week to see what it does.
  • Prosthetic Leg/Knee is not working right.  Oh yeah?  You didn’t know I had 1 leg eh?  Yeah, this thing is a pain in the ass when it isn’t working right.  I need a new one badly.  Shout out to Darin Prater for keeping me mobile, and in the game.
  • 2 years of Dr. Pepper/Bud-Light, low cardio on the tummy.  Legs been impacting this for a while.  Did really well in the gym over the summer, and then the leg issue hit again.  I’m 2 months behind my gym schedule now.
  • Eye sight is on point.  I took care of this before the writing of my article.  I’m my early 20s I had lasik to help with my vision in airsoft, because contacts were a pain.  However the effects of the surgery wore off.  My prescription was old, and got this taken care of.  Contacts are back in, and I’m seeing 20/10.  Upmost important for a sniper.

Weapon Purchase: JG Bar 10 G-Spec, $25

How in the world did I get a sniper rifle for $25?  Well, I attended the GI Tactical swap meet last weekend, and kept my eyes peeled for a good base weapon to become a sniper platform.  The secret is, just about all good sniper platforms have 90% to 99% of all of their parts swapped out.  When your done with the weapon modifications/upgrades/cosmetics, you end up with something completely different.  Buy as cheap as you can, never brand new.  There are plenty 16 year olds out there with these floating around for sale…

This weapon was in pretty bad shape cosmetically, but the internals were more or less still in good shape.  The weapon fired at least, and came with 3 working magazines.  After a lowball offer, I made out like a bandit.

The rifle came covered in some sort of sticky residue, where the seller claimed it was just the finish of how the JG Bar 10 came.  I held my poker face, and my lowball offer was successful.  My guess was the weapon at some point was bathed in Dr. Pepper, or covered in some form of camo duct-tape.

Once home, I removed the bolt assembly from the rifle, and dug into my Warhammer 40k stock to search for something called Super Clean by Castrol.  This is a great technique to obviously clean stuff, but also to strip existing paint jobs off of models/painted airsoft rifles.  The cleaning was successfull, and I ended with a perfectly finished rifle body.  Reassembled the bolt, and the rifle was nice to look at again.

Look forward to the next post about initial weapon testing, and some initial parts purchases.  I will also take to the field in the short weeks to come to experiment, and retrain my body on a few techniques for stealth movement.

About The Author

Airsoft Enthusiast and Writer

Daniel has been a long time local communityand national milsim/airsoft player player since late 2004. He has filled roles and positions in the sport from your humble scout, to action packed EOD, and excels at infiltration. Off the field Daniel is a friendly face, and always willing to help out.

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