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Kastway Airsoft Review
Kastway Airsoft has been a long time standing influence in the local Oklahoma and Texas areas for Airsoft and Milsim since the early 2000s. Kastway Airsoft might not always have ALL of your product on hand, but no one can beat their constant availability, and can always fulfill your immediate operation needs.
Easy To Use Site
Public Eye
Availability of Product
Rare Products
Community Involvement
Good To Go's...
  • Always At the Big Ops
  • Prices are pretty solid
  • Community Involvement
Wait Ones...
  • Some rare gear is not available
4.8Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

These guys have been around for forever. Long time ago at Dark Continent (wow, does anybody even remember that OP at DFWAP?) these guys were on the scene and kept bringing it all the way to 2014. They don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon either.

Kastway Airsoft is a vendor that is always there for you when you need them to be.  They have a presance at just about all the major OPs, and are getting to the point to where OK and TX are not the only places they seem to visit pretty constantly.  Owner Rick Kastner is also an enthusiast and can commonly be seen on the field with you there.  He knows his stuff.

Don’t ever be a stranger or absent when it comes time to give aways and raffles.  They tend to throw BIG STUFF directly to the crowd!

About The Author

Airsoft Enthusiast and Writer

Daniel has been a long time local communityand national milsim/airsoft player player since late 2004. He has filled roles and positions in the sport from your humble scout, to action packed EOD, and excels at infiltration. Off the field Daniel is a friendly face, and always willing to help out.

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