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Classic Army Krebs Custom AK
The Krebs Custom AK by Classic Army is one sweet build. Before and after upgrades this is a fantastic weapon to use on the field. Ammo Capacity grade is limited only by AK magazines. This weapon is insanely heavy for an assault rifle to use on the field.
Rate of Fire
Ammo Capacity
Cool Factor
Good To Go's...
  • Unmatched Accuracy
  • Lethal Distance
  • Strong rate of Fire
Wait Ones...
  • Super heavy for an Assault Rifle
  • AK True-ists will hate it.
  • Tough to Sling mount
4.3Overall Score
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This is definitely a weapon that the AK purist fans will likely grow to hate. However it is time for the tacticool lovers to rejoice! The Classic Army Krebs custom AK is a magnificent C&C’ed machine full of rails, effective stock internals, and is dressed to the nines.

Classic Army reviews the weapon to begin with identifying Krebs Custom, Inc. as being world renowned for making some of the most innovative and accurate AK-type rifle variants and some of the most tactical accessories in the world. Marc Krebs tackled the AK, and set forward a movement to bring the AK platform to the 21st century.

The airsoft result that Classic Army brings us was an AK featuring their world class internals, “SAW” style pistol grip, Enhanced Carbine Modstock for Battery (LWRC stock anybody??), and the exterior Krebs style rail system that will definitely turn some heads from fellow players on the field.

Bone stock the weapon enters the field boasting a powerful 7mm gearbox cranking Elite Force .28 BBs at 335fps past the chrono, allowing it to sneak in at common field limitations. The LWRC style stock allows for typical NiMh batteries, and plenty of room for your flavor size of LiPo batteries. While play testing the rate of fire on its stock Motor from CA, we were not able to acquire an exact ROF of BBs per second… however it was very pleasing. We can guestimate the BB count coming in mid to high 20 bbs per second on an 11.1 LiPo battery.

During battle testing we put this rifle through various rigorous trials necessary in combat simulation. Zero Hawk, a veteran player of 10 years in the Texas area took on the task of using the weapon in the field. The field test consisted of multi-level building CQC combat, long ally ways, and distance shooting.

Zero Hawk reported that the weapon was magnificent range with the ability to accurately reach targets approximately at 150ft. However, the weapon was not entirely accurate as most AK variants found on the fields. In fire fights, because of a large spread of accuracy, the weapon was used in the role commonly to assist with suppressing targets so team-members would be able to make smoother advances. The high rate of fire, and the ability for the weapon to travel long distances made this weapon an effective tool on the field. An addition of a custom R-Hop to the hop up unit solved the accuracy issues, and increased distance fire.

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