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Ok, we took a little break.  Life happens, and then you try to get back up on that pony again.  Texas Milsim is owned, ran and operated by Zero Hawk.  Player of several years, and known reasonably well in the North Texas areas.  Texas Milsim is a strong supporter of American Milsim, D14 Airsoft, Zshot, The Texas Milsim Association, and 878 Airsoft.

Texas Milsim for the remainder of the 2016 year, and into the early months of the 2017 year will be majorly focused on covering general Airsoft news, upcoming events, and a personal initiative of Zero Hawk to become a relevant airsoft sniper again.  Look forward to articles for Airsoft Sniping techniques, as well as general shenaniganery.

Texas Milsim invites fans and family to become writers for the website, as well as participate in the future re-release of user forums, article posts, and involvement.

Looking forward to a bright future.

About The Author

Airsoft Enthusiast and Writer

Daniel has been a long time local communityand national milsim/airsoft player player since late 2004. He has filled roles and positions in the sport from your humble scout, to action packed EOD, and excels at infiltration. Off the field Daniel is a friendly face, and always willing to help out.

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