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New comer “Flynn Airsoft” has invited all to their upcoming event, Operation Kissmyassina Sun Set.  Approximately 40 minutes from College Station, Flynn airsoft promises to deliver a fun event full of BB slinging, and sweet fun.  

Gear may be any color, however the uniforms will be strictly enforced.  They report that should you show up in tan and several of your friends are in green, that you WILL be on opposing teams.  TXM reads that the game will start approximately at 10:30am, however chrono will open at 9am.  Game should come to a close at 7:30pm.

TXM can’t verify any recurring theme, or story line attached, however there does seem to be an interesting team labeled “Leaveusalone” in black special uniform allowance.  Should get interesting.

The location posted is Flynn Airsoft Field 9965 C.R. 473 Normangee, Texas 77871

TXM finds that the field rules posted are kind of interesting.  BIO-bbs are required, and that “snipers” or simply bolt action rifles will be limited to 500 feet per second at 100 ft engagement distance.  Heads up for those of you who shoot 550 fps.  Knife Kills are not allowed.  TXM can not verify how safety or close engagements are handled at this time.  I think it would be safe to assume you will need to simply backup.  There are some pistol engagements.  TXM recommends you confirm with the field on your ROE.


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Daniel has been a long time local communityand national milsim/airsoft player player since late 2004. He has filled roles and positions in the sport from your humble scout, to action packed EOD, and excels at infiltration. Off the field Daniel is a friendly face, and always willing to help out.

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