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BB Bolt Action: Easy Day, Hard Earned

It had been too long since I hit the airsoft field.  At the end of the day everything ached, weapon systems were down, and my hand was almost inoperable.  I loved every minute of it. I brought to the game wh...

BB Bolt Action: The Broken Weapon

Back In the Day It's been 2 years since I've been anything resembling relevance in the Airsoft world.  Its the same old story most of you have heard, met a girl, got busy, had a baby, got married, pay for c...

Ways to Becoming Invisible

---Simply, not be there. But rather communicate the message to your enemy targets of your presence in another location. Make the enemy believe you are someplace else. If you can not make him believe you are not...

Team Selection

Despite my insanely over-inflated ego, I do have various strategies I often employ during airsoft play. I'll try to keep much of that ego to myself during this post. So... Here is my chess-game tip post. The...