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IRENE moves to Ft. Hood

Breaking news, and a big win for fans of Airsoft/Milsim in Texas.  Lionclaws series is bringing Operation Irene to Texas!  John Lu of Best of USA Marketing and front runner of the Operation Lion Claws Military ...

Geddons Games: Alien Vs. Predator 2

Geddons Games has been a long time event runner in north texas, known for large events like the Aftermath Series, and stranger games like an Airsoft take on Fallout.  Geddon brings the second AVP game in his se...

Op Kissmyassina Sun Set

New comer "Flynn Airsoft" has invited all to their upcoming event, Operation Kissmyassina Sun Set.  Approximately 40 minutes from College Station, Flynn airsoft promises to deliver a fun event full of BB slingi...

Temple Airsoft Z-Day

Plastic BBs and Zombies. What more else could a fella ask for? Rotting smelly zombie flesh, and pearly white BB sensation. Or green BB. Whatever your flavor. Regardless, I love it! Check out Temple Airsoft on ...
Second Chechnyan War

Dagestan: The Batte of Tando

Dagestan has been quite the battlefield seen by Texas players in the last few years. D-14 Airsoft and the Warpigs deliver once again on the Grozny series to bring you the Battle of Tando. Glorious leader Adam...

AMS presents Broken Home 3

I'm pretty sure you and your boys truely are bad asses, because you are all answering the call this year to re-attend American Milsim's Broken Home 3 event on May 23rd.  Strap on your riggers belts, pimp those ...